Microsoft Security Essentials bad UX excluding a process/directory

I was trying to add the Visual Studio processes to the Microsoft Security Essentials exclude list, but I couldn’t understand why the “Save Changes” button was disabled, even after I chose “Browse…”, and selected the file name.

Take a look at this screenshot, can you tell why?

Apparently, in the latest version of MSE they added an “Add” button, which you have to explicitly press in order to, well, add the very thing you just browsed for to a list below. This goes completely against every other program in the world, where selecting something in the browse dialog is usually enough – I never even bothered to look for the Add button, because I didn’t expect it to even be there.

A quick image search for the exclude dialog shows that in previous versions there was no Add button.

So if you don’t understand why nothing happens after trying to exclude things in MSE, make sure don’t have any extra buttons to press!