Disabling certain "invisibles" in the Atom Editor

I recently started using GitHub’s Atom editor, and other than the slow-ish startup time, I love it very much!

One of the things I hate most is redundant whitespaces, so in all editors I use, I try to work with visible whitespace enabled, so I can keep those tiny dots in check. In the Atom editor, this feature is called Show Invisibles, however by default it shows all the invisible characters, including endof and newline characters. There’s no UI (yet?) to toggle which ones you want to see, but luckily, Atom is completely hackable, allowing us to do change about anything!

To remove the EOL/newline characters, go to File - Open your Config. The configuration file will open in a new tab, where you can modify the invisibles: entry like so:

eol: false
cr: false

Upon saving the file, Atom will immediately reload the configuration, and only the whitespace dots will remain visible!

For more information about what can be changed, check out Customizing Atom.