Wanted: a maintainer for Agent Mulder (and other ReSharper plugins)

Sometime in 2011, I’ve seen a cool feature of Castle Windsor IoC container - the ability to create typed factories based on an interface, without any implementation. That day I realized 2 things: a) containers are magic, and b) such magic would never be allowed in production.

An idea was formed in my mind: what if my favorite IDE extension could visualize types that are created in such magical ways, by the IoC/DI frameworks? If it were less magical, perhaps it could be used more. And thus, Agent Mulder plugin for ReSharper was born - it analyzes container registration code in your solution, and provides navigation to and finding usages of types registered or resolved via those containers.

Here’s an old demo of it in action:

It was a great experience to write, and even greater experience to have Agent Mulder be one of the most popular ReSharper plugins of all time.

I need your help

It’s 2016, and I haven’t fixed your issue yet. It’s not that I don’t want to, but… I don’t want it to die either. Writing and maintaining plugins for ReSharper is not an easy task, but not impossible either.

I’m looking for YOU to take over my ReSharper plugins (Agent Mulder, Xao, InternalsVisibleTo Helper, and others), and keep them safe! If you’re interested, please drop me a line on twitter, comments, email.

Whoever you are, I’ll make sure to walk you through the mess.

Thank you!