How to disable Windows Narrator appearing on Win-Enter in Windows 8

My colleague was annoyed that pressing Win-Enter on Windows 8 would pop open Windows Narrator, and there was seemingly no way to disable it. He told me that the answer he found on one of the forums suggested removing the execute permission from the Narrator.exe file, however since this involves preventing file execution, this led me to an idea to try and use my old friend Image File Execution Options, which I’m happy to report, worked!

  1. Open regedit.exe and navigate to: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options
  2. Create a folder (key) called Narrator.exe
  3. Inside the key, create a new String value called Debugger, and set its value to %1
  4. Close registry editor

From now on, every time Windows will attempt to execute Narrator.exe, nothing will happen!

If you need Narrator.exe back, just remove the Narrator.exe registry key.

  • Gregory Acampora

    FANTASTIC. THANK YOU !!!! works right away

  • Ybsteg

    Thank you
    very much! The best solution for me, since my computer is in the domain and changing
    Read & Execute Permissions is not so easy withot Administrative privileges!
    Debugging Narator.exe ;)

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  • Binura

    Epic! Finally that annoying sound stopped! Thanks a bunch!

  • AndyTDC

    Thanks you so much! Was a nightmare accidentally pressing it in excel when pressing alt+enter

  • Ether

    Thank you sooo much for this!

  • kreaturen

    Narrator has highjacked my volum control! I’m so pissed!! Not even holding win-button down (why would I?!) I will try this, just hope I get my volum control back…

  • Floreum

    To anyone who has a surface, doing this will fix your volume key. :)

  • Finlander

    Many thanks!

  • Vural Onur

    Your suggested solution is not working. String value suggested ‘%1′, could it be ’1%’. Never tested it as I am not an experienced user. Repeating, your solution referred to as ultimate if others not useful at different sources, still not a solution either.

    • Igal Tabachnik

      Just to make sure, you created the folder with the correct name? Narrator.exe, 2 r’s. Also, the string value is Debugger. I used %1 and it worked… Is this Windows 8.1? Something else?