Fixing a failed scheduled task: The operator or administrator has refused the request 0x800710E0

I use the incredible Everything to find files on my computers. It’s very fast and I have bound it to Win-Z (but not on Windows 8, more on that in another post) for easy access.

Unfortunately, the author of this tool did not sign it with a code-signing certificate, and upon log-on, a yellow UAC prompt always asks me if I want to run it.

As a workaround, there’s a way to start Everything as a Scheduled Task in Windows. However, the tutorial misses one important step - if your computer is not running on AC power, the task will fail to start with the error: The operator or administrator has refused the request 0x800710E0.

The solution is not immediately obvious, but it’s an incredibly simple one - in the Conditions tab of the task’s properties, simply uncheck the first option in Power:

After pressing OK the task will start successfully!